Zoomex Rush Courier Services

When tomorrow simply isn’t fast enough!

Zoomex offers same day delivery services to customers of all types, whether it’s a large corporate account, a single individual shipper or a small business. We at Zoomex mainly concentrate on our core business which is transporting shipments from 1 lb to 20000 lbs in an expedited matter anywhere, anytime. We use an immense amount of technology to get the right package picked up and delivered at the right time, while giving all of our shippers a 100% visibility 24/7/365. From same day rush delivery services to expedited rush freight shipping, Zoomex has a variety of different transportation solutions that will best fit your needs as well as your budget.

In this saturated same day transportation industry, there are many different companies who we compete with on a daily basis. What makes Zoomex stand out from our competitors is the innovative approach to all of our shippers. Whether it’s a small envelope or an organ transplant, our experienced team of dispatchers, internal staff and our fleet of trained drivers, understand and treat every single pickup and delivery with utmost urgency and care. We use the latest technology to offer our clients the very latest tracking, instant communication and up to the minute information regarding their shipment.

Our customers have seen our sustainable growth over the years. We carry this torch that resembles our quality of work that’s blended with our industry expertise, as well as, our cost effective prices that are lower than all of our competition.

We may not be as large as the three global overnight companies, but again, what sets us apart is our attention to detail and our goal to go above and beyond all of our customer’s expectations. If you have same day rush delivery services needs, then look no further. Any size, anytime, anywhere.